Turn Your Website Into A Turbocharged Conversion Machine!
Turn Your Website Into A Turbocharged Conversion Machine!

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Millions of people access the Internet on a daily basis to buy goods and services. These consumers simply enter the name of the item that they want in the search bar and the search engine does the rest. It gives results that feature links to websites that have the items that the consumers searched for. The users can then proceed to click on one of these links and view a website with the items that they want. It is up to the website to convert the user from a visitor to a customer. Here are some tips that the webmaster can use to create a company or business website that has a high rate of conversion. Collectively, these tips perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Check out the CRO strategy of your competitors and learn from it

Every business or company has competition. This competition extends into the digital world. Companies ensure that they apply whichever strategies possible so as to increase their levels of CRO. Thus, they build their website in a specific way. They have also conducted tests to see if their CRO strategy is successful. It is important to identify and analyze the strategies of your competition. To improve your own CRO strategy, look at the changes that your competitor performs over time.

One way of doing this is by visiting the pages of your competitors regularly and taking screenshots. Every time you notice that they have made a change, take a screenshot and note the change. Over time, this practice will help you to identify the strategy of your competition. This will help you to know if your competitors are doing anything that you are not and vice versa. This type of information is extremely important. You can generate ideas, correct yourself as well as identify weaknesses that you can capitalize on. It is also important to know that you should not copy their strategy blindly. Copying them blindly may hurt your CRO strategy more than help it.

Test many different types of step forms

In most cases, webmasters feel that the forms on their websites should be short and sweet. Despite popular support for this theory, it could be a big mistake to assume this. Instead of making the assumption that less steps is better for you, test out the strategy of multiple step forms. This is a strategy where the text boxes of the form are presented one by one to the website visitor. Each step is in its own window. This strategy may appear as opposite to what is expected but this type of form has many benefits to you.

This type of form creates the illusion of being less tedious than the traditional form where all the text boxes are on the same page. This is because the visitors only see one step at a time. Thus, they begin to fill them out. Once halfway, they figure that they might as well complete the steps instead of leaving them halfway done. Test out the step forms for your website and see how your consumers like it. A word of caution is that this step may not work for your website as it has for others.

Utilize a heat map

This is a strategy that depends on a theory. This theory says that the eyes of a website user follow the movement of the mouse pointer. By tracking where the pointer goes on your web pages, then you can correctly identify what your visitors look at most when they are visiting your website. This is made possible by using a heat map tool on your website. This tool is able to track the movements of the mouse pointer on your website whenever a visitor comes online. It then gives you an aggregate map of where the pointer mostly goes when a person logs in. Once you determine what your visitors look at mostly on your site, you can then adjust it to put the conversion buttons in the hot areas. This can work to boost your rate of conversion. This information is very useful when designing layouts for your website.

Match your calls to action with the right keywords

The process of conversion rate optimization is most successful when you are guiding people properly to your website. The initial step in doing this is using the proper keywords. Ensure that the keywords that you utilize are accurate and genuine. One of the ways to do this is to utilize support keywords inside your website content. This is possible by consulting search engine resources such as Google to find out the most popular keywords for your niche industry.

Ensure that the keywords that you use accurately reflect the content on your website. You can simply go to the Google Keyword Tool. Once there, you can search for the specific keyword that you desire for that specific webpage. On this page, you will be required to fill out a CAPTCHA. Fill it out and hit submit. Once you do this, Google will guide you to terms that are related to this that people are currently searching for. Once you set up the ideal keywords, ensure that you place them at the top of your funnel. By doing this, you are able to guarantee that any efforts that you put into website optimization do not go to waste.

Create a sense of urgency

One of the main challenges to creating a high rate of CRO is the indecision that people often have when interacting with a website that is offering goods or services for sale. To defeat this problem, you can simply create some urgency in your website. One way of doing this is by indicating that specific benefits will expire in a given amount of time. For example, you can indicate that a specific discount is only available 25 minutes from a given time. These time limits pressure a visitor to make a decision that will affect you positively.


These tips will help you to promote the conversion rate for your website. They are effective and capable of turning around a website that has a low yield into one that has hundreds of thousands of conversions. Applied correctly, these tips are ideal.

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