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Digital marketing is an evolving world, where changes are rampant and instantaneous. If you fail to keep pace with the changes, chances of your survival will always be lean. Your better informed and proactive competitors will steal a march, leaving you beleaguered and clamoring for help. So, it is high time for you to stay on the top of these trends and implement the relevant ones into your digital marketing efforts. Any such initiative will not only add nuance to your digital marketing but help you broaden your customer base as well. Discussed below are few key trends that will keep you gainful in tangible ways. Read on and stay informed.

Mobile optimization is the need of the hour:

Smartphone sales have had an exponential rise lately. The millennials are increasingly using these gadgets to access internet for reasons not far to seek. As per a recent study, Smartphones has outdone desktop and laptop in terms of the total searches generated in the previous year. Moreover, Google, the leading search engine, has implemented the Mobilegeddon update; wherein, mobile friendly websites are being given preference over non-mobile friendly ones. It is, thus, imperative for you to embrace the idea of mobile optimization. The progressive step will help you reach out to the mobile audience and lure them into investing in your brand. However, ensure that the web design is responsive enough to work seamlessly on all devices, regardless of their OS, size or other specifications.

Local SEO is the new buzzword:

Local SEO is consistently emerging as the new norm in the digital marketing landscape. Right from SMEs to conglomerates across industries and geographies, everyone is leveraging on the digital marketing technique to keep their growth prospects lively. A targeted digital marketing approach, local SEO delivers a feasible way for promoting your products or services among local folks exactly when they feel the need for them. The practice has received reinforcement in form of Google’s My Business, which uses a bevy of elements to deliver localized search results. To make the most of the Local SEO, you need to list your business on the search engine.

Interactive Content is the way to go:

Content has always been the king, as any seasoned webmaster will testify. Though its significance will remain intact in the near future, the nature is bound to undergo a paradigm shift. The days of static content are numbered, as everyone presently is trending towards interactive content that can captivate the audience’s attention, answer their queries, help them explore diverse scenarios and lead to decent conversion rates. This evolved form of content comes in a variety of options – online quizzes, polls and contests – each is engaging and educative. Given the emphasis that millennial buyers place on online reviews, interactive content will also serve as a prime differentiator for your brand.

App store optimization for better results:

The apps are currently ruling the roost when it comes to internet search. Since it entails time and effort, the everyday user is getting weary of scurrying through numerous web pages for information access. Contrarily, they can have a smooth sail with generic and specialized apps that are flooding the digital landscape. You can leverage on the app mania to broaden your horizons and stay competitive. However, it is imperative for you to create a business app manifesting your business and its ethos, and optimize it for app store. Given the sheer number of apps created per day world over, your app should standout in terms of navigability, responsiveness and functionality. Prefer using in-app analytics to determine conversions.

New publication alternatives can be the winning move:

The new publication options are on the horizons. Turning your back to these alternatives simply means leaving money on the table. Recently, Facebook has unleashed Instant Articles, a progressive move that can change the rules of the game. With Instant Articles, you can provide the user with the desirable content without asking him to leave the app. herein, you can enhance the user experience with the fastest possible information access. The prominent micro-blogging site, Twitter is also following Facebook’s footsteps with Project Lightning. You have to keep a track of such publication options and opt for the one suiting your specific needs and budget.

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